About Our Society


We envision socially cohesive communities, united in protecting South Africa’s national identity, its natural resources and wealth (people, land, waters and indigenous knowledge) as a lasting legacy for multiple generations of South Africans.


To rebuild local communities and local economies through the promotion and support for culturally appropriate development, as in:

  • clean energy and clean water
  • the establishment of cooperatives and member-owned businesses
  • support for locally grown food and locally produced goods and services

Reasons to join SAAOIS:

If you are interested in…

  • operating an agricultural cooperative utilising sustainable practices
  • co-financing an agribusiness
  • collective investing in gold and silver and property

…then please register as a member of SAAOIS!

(Please note membership is restricted as not just any person can join)

Community Outreach:

You are however, invited to participate in our community outreach activities as a non-member. These will be posted on the website and Facebook.

Do you share our vision or mission?

If you also have dreams for a brighter future for our country, then please get in touch with us.